Daria is a long-time friend of Nathalie as well as a yoga and meditation teacher who recently traveled to India for a 10-day Vipassana - meditation retreat.

In today’s episode, she will share her monumental experiences with us. After the conversation, Daria treats us to a special 30-minute Vipassana meditation session.

Daria explains why she felt called to travel to India, specifically to the Dalai Lama’s hometown, to expand on her yoga and spiritual teachings. We hear about how temporarily giving up all of her belongings at the temple helped her to truly reconnect with herself. Given Daria’s Russian background, she tells us how she began to get into yoga in Russia as a teenager and what sparked her future calling.

Nathalie dives into common questions asked by newbie meditators, so Daria gives us her answers and advice.

The 30-minute meditation will include three main steps: breathing exercises, primary meditation, and a metta (wishes for welfare and happiness) practice.

Find a quiet, relaxing space where you can sit undisturbed and find a position you will be comfortable in for the full half-hour meditation.

Refresh, replenish, and relax your mind and body alongside Daria.


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Chioma Njoku is a successful financial coach and yoga teacher based out of Chicago, Illinois who is all about mindset, spirituality, and of course, money. She currently works with individuals and is looking to expand into working with groups in the future. Chioma tells us her background and how she went from the world of corporate accounting into fully embracing the power and spirituality of being a yoga teacher.

Limited beliefs are a huge factor for many people when it comes to finances. Chioma discusses how she broke through her own limited beliefs and now manifests money on a daily basis.

Furthermore, Chioma helps others to achieve the same by challenging their own beliefs and discovering their “money story.” Surrounding yourself with people who share the same financial views and goals as you can help reinforce your positive money vibes.

Seasons have a purpose and signify regrowth. Nathalie asks how someone that is struggling to find their value can get clear on their purpose, and Chioma shares her tips and insights. The topic of money should be more normalized and we should be comfortable enough to talk about it as though it’s not a big deal. “Master Your Money” is Chioma’s masterclass that combines mindset and skillset to bring some peace around finances to help you to enjoy your life and hard-earned money.


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Black Lives Matter.

We welcome back to the show David Bianchi, actor, poet, film maker, amazing human, among other talents.
David is our host for episode 79 of LIFE ON EARTH PODCAST. He shares his perspective on our current Global situation and the movement. David says that we are in the midst of a Global Up-Rising Equality and gives us powerful suggestions on how we can be part of the solution, contribute to the movement and a new Earth where we live in Equanimity with all beings. 
We are honored to have David back on the podcast and that he has chosen to share with us his brilliant new short film "I Can't Breathe". 
We invite to watch the entire film with powerful images on his YouTube Channel HERE
Check out episode 40 of LIFE ON EARTH PODCAST, where David talks about leadership, being in your purpose and how to bring your life to the next level.
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#BlackLivesMatter #ICantBreathe 

Adam James is an artist, poet, singer, healer and yogi based in Austin, Texas. He joins Nathalie today to talk about his creative journey, what yoga means to him and the impacts of COVID-19.

Adam shares his new song ‘Awaken’ with us. Adam has written ‘Awaken’ to honor the divine Mother Earth and our connection to her.

 Yoga is a way to increase comfort and grounding in his own body and to deepen his connection with nature. With yoga we can unify and integrate all planes of our existence for greater harmony.

With the world on lockdown due to COVID-19, Adam is taking advantage of the time to learn and grow. Now is the time to move yourself to the next level of whatever journey you are on. Adam then shares a poem with us titled ‘Obvious’ that expresses the experience of something transcendental and the need to ground yourself in nature instead of worshiping technology.

With a pandemic covering the globe it is more important now than ever to take care of your body and mind. Navigating the landscape of information is essential to know who is looking out for your best interests. It is time to allow for individual sovereignty and make way for the world to have more quality people. Understand that you are already perfect.

Connect with Adam - https://www.adamjames.space and IG @adamjamesvibe

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Enjoy this energetic clearing and activation as we step into a new world.

Take a deep breath - connect with your heart space - and listen to this clearing. 

Sending you so much love and positive vibrations! 

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It's an honor and a privilege to be here with you.

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Be well ! 

Stay in peace and love

Have you ever wondered if you are an emotional eater? Many of us run to food as a crutch. In this episode we will explore the many levels on which emotional eating can show up in your life. 

Jessica Procini is a nutritionist and a life coach. She joins Nathalie today to talk about the struggles of emotional eating, identifying its roots, and immune-boosting tips to follow during COVID-19.

Jessica had always struggled in her relationship with food without knowing the reason why. For 20 years she emotionally ate, even while going through nutritionist school, until she identified herself as an emotional eater. Jessica discusses how, after 10 years of research, she has overcome her issues with food and formed a proven method for others to deal with emotional eating.

Many people, like Jessica, have issues surrounding food and often don’t know why. We’ve all tried diet and exercise plans that don’t stick or just plain don’t work. Jessica discusses the 4 roots of emotional eating, and how identifying what and why we are eating can help build a foundation of understanding, and can lead you to see how your relationship with food echoes other relationships in your life.

With stress at an all time high for many people right now, there is no better time for introspection and discovery. Taking those first steps into change is always difficult, but now is the time to let go of your food guilt and plan for a healthier tomorrow.

Be Well! Stay Healthy!

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Denise Milfort is a model, actress, and wellness expert. She joins us for a third time in this episode where she and Nathalie discuss strengthening your immune system, dealing with COVID-19, and making healthy choices. 

Denise almost never gets sick, which she credits to her strong immune system from a proper diet and self-care. She finds that cloves and blackseed oil are very helpful for your upper respiratory system. It is important that you believe these things will help you because even if it is the placebo effect, it is a very strong effect. 

We are all dealing with the effects of social isolation due to COVID-19. Denise shares her feelings on being isolated and how she overcame her negative thoughts. You have to accept the situation for what it is and focus on harvesting the good, as there is always good in any situation. During this time, you can work on improving yourself and your relationships. If you have a partner, find a new connection with them. If you are single, it is a good time to go within yourself.

This is the perfect time to make healthy choices because we have all the time in the world. Spend more time on your meals, make things at home that you normally wouldn’t, and make them healthier. Now more than ever it is important for us to eat healthy. 

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Joan Hyman, world class yoga retreat leader, yoga teacher, and teacher trainer joins us today. Joan has been practicing yoga for over 25 years, starting as a group teacher and moving on to teacher training. She and Nathalie discuss her jump into traveling the world, how she keeps herself inspired, as well as Joan’s perspective on current events. 

Joan started teaching yoga in LA but now teaches all over the world. She discusses how her first trip to India planted the travel seed within her and introduced her to a very international network. Joan explains how she feels like her soul expands when she is in an unknown place and the many benefits of travel.

Burnout on the road is a very real thing. Many people want to “bring their house with them to India,'' Joan explains, but there is a humbleness in India not felt in Western culture she believes everyone can learn from. Nathalie and Joan discuss the importance of adapting to a local culture and how Joan is able to keep herself inspired when travel becomes difficult.

Nathalie and Joan discuss the current state of the world with regards to COVID-19. Many people have experienced a loss of work from the virus and each of us has a responsibility to stay healthy and not spread sickness.


Connect with Joan:
Website: http://www.joanhyman.com/yoga/
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Julie Piatt, also known as Sri-Mati, joins us today. Julie is an artist, chef, author, musician, yogi, healer, and spiritual guide. She has created over 300 plant-based recipes and is the author of a series of best-selling cookbooks: This Cheese is Nuts, The Plantpower Way, and The Plantpower Way: Italia.

Recently Julie launched her Do Life-Not Cheese line SriMu

Furthermore, she hosts the podcast For the Life of Me which explores our Divine existence. She has created Water Tiger, a community where she shares monthly healing techniques and gives her guidance on your personal journey to self-realization. Water Tiger allows you to fall in love with yourself on your own solo journey.

Julie shares how she began her journey to where she is now many years ago. She talks about the importance of cultivating love for yourself before you are able to properly give that love to others. Lots of us think we have good spiritual ideals, but until we have really met ourselves, we don’t have that capacity to help one another. 

We all experience hardship on our journeys. Julie sees these hardships as Sacred Moments, and whether it be a death, illness, financial trouble, or anything in between, Julie shares how important these moments are in realizing who you are and what your journey is. There is no one way to enlightenment. 

Oh and check out Damanhur !

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Today’s guest is Annie Carpenter. She is a pioneer in the yoga world and was also a professional dancer. She is a mentor and teacher to Nathalie along with many other teachers around the world. Annie is known to be the teacher of teachers.

Annie shines some light on her background, telling us that going to a rehabilitation center after falling into recreational drugs ignited her passion for yoga. She describes that while working as a professional dancer in New York City, yoga was her way to relax; she wouldn’t have been able to work without it. Annie was a student of the late Martha Graham and danced for her internationally acclaimed company. 

Nathalie feels that the importance of the yoga teacher is becoming lost as yoga evolves. Annie believes that it’s difficult to have perspective on self, no matter what we are doing. We then hear about Annie’s teaching style.

Annie has been with her partner for fifteen years and talks about why she thinks her relationship has worked. She says that a big piece of it is supporting each other’s passion.


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