June 11, 2020

Adam James - Move Yourself To The Next Level

Adam James is an artist, poet, singer, healer and yogi based in Austin, Texas. He joins Nathalie today to talk about his creative journey, what yoga means to him and the impacts of COVID-19.

Adam shares his new song ‘Awaken’ with us. Adam has written ‘Awaken’ to honor the divine Mother Earth and our connection to her.

 Yoga is a way to increase comfort and grounding in his own body and to deepen his connection with nature. With yoga we can unify and integrate all planes of our existence for greater harmony.

With the world on lockdown due to COVID-19, Adam is taking advantage of the time to learn and grow. Now is the time to move yourself to the next level of whatever journey you are on. Adam then shares a poem with us titled ‘Obvious’ that expresses the experience of something transcendental and the need to ground yourself in nature instead of worshiping technology.

With a pandemic covering the globe it is more important now than ever to take care of your body and mind. Navigating the landscape of information is essential to know who is looking out for your best interests. It is time to allow for individual sovereignty and make way for the world to have more quality people. Understand that you are already perfect.

Connect with Adam - https://www.adamjames.space and IG @adamjamesvibe

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