July 7, 2020

Money & Spirituality with Chioma Njoku

Chioma Njoku is a successful financial coach and yoga teacher based out of Chicago, Illinois who is all about mindset, spirituality, and of course, money. She currently works with individuals and is looking to expand into working with groups in the future. Chioma tells us her background and how she went from the world of corporate accounting into fully embracing the power and spirituality of being a yoga teacher.

Limited beliefs are a huge factor for many people when it comes to finances. Chioma discusses how she broke through her own limited beliefs and now manifests money on a daily basis.

Furthermore, Chioma helps others to achieve the same by challenging their own beliefs and discovering their “money story.” Surrounding yourself with people who share the same financial views and goals as you can help reinforce your positive money vibes.

Seasons have a purpose and signify regrowth. Nathalie asks how someone that is struggling to find their value can get clear on their purpose, and Chioma shares her tips and insights. The topic of money should be more normalized and we should be comfortable enough to talk about it as though it’s not a big deal. “Master Your Money” is Chioma’s masterclass that combines mindset and skillset to bring some peace around finances to help you to enjoy your life and hard-earned money.


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