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SriMati Aka Julie Piatt - Embody Your True Unique Blueprint

February 20, 2020

Julie Piatt, also known as Sri-Mati, joins us today. Julie is an artist, chef, author, musician, yogi, healer, and spiritual guide. She has created over 300 plant-based recipes and is the author of a series of best-selling cookbooks: This Cheese is Nuts, The Plantpower Way, and The Plantpower Way: Italia.

Recently Julie launched her Do Life-Not Cheese line SriMu

Furthermore, she hosts the podcast For the Life of Me which explores our Divine existence. She has created Water Tiger, a community where she shares monthly healing techniques and gives her guidance on your personal journey to self-realization. Water Tiger allows you to fall in love with yourself on your own solo journey.

Julie shares how she began her journey to where she is now many years ago. She talks about the importance of cultivating love for yourself before you are able to properly give that love to others. Lots of us think we have good spiritual ideals, but until we have really met ourselves, we don’t have that capacity to help one another. 

We all experience hardship on our journeys. Julie sees these hardships as Sacred Moments, and whether it be a death, illness, financial trouble, or anything in between, Julie shares how important these moments are in realizing who you are and what your journey is. There is no one way to enlightenment. 

Oh and check out Damanhur !

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