July 17, 2020

All About Meditation with Daria

Daria is a long-time friend of Nathalie as well as a yoga and meditation teacher who recently traveled to India for a 10-day Vipassana - meditation retreat.

In today’s episode, she will share her monumental experiences with us. After the conversation, Daria treats us to a special 30-minute Vipassana meditation session.

Daria explains why she felt called to travel to India, specifically to the Dalai Lama’s hometown, to expand on her yoga and spiritual teachings. We hear about how temporarily giving up all of her belongings at the temple helped her to truly reconnect with herself. Given Daria’s Russian background, she tells us how she began to get into yoga in Russia as a teenager and what sparked her future calling.

Nathalie dives into common questions asked by newbie meditators, so Daria gives us her answers and advice.

The 30-minute meditation will include three main steps: breathing exercises, primary meditation, and a metta (wishes for welfare and happiness) practice.

Find a quiet, relaxing space where you can sit undisturbed and find a position you will be comfortable in for the full half-hour meditation.

Refresh, replenish, and relax your mind and body alongside Daria.


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