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Annie Carpenter on Life & Yoga !

February 5, 2020

Today’s guest is Annie Carpenter. She is a pioneer in the yoga world and was also a professional dancer. She is a mentor and teacher to Nathalie along with many other teachers around the world. Annie is known to be the teacher of teachers.

Annie shines some light on her background, telling us that going to a rehabilitation center after falling into recreational drugs ignited her passion for yoga. She describes that while working as a professional dancer in New York City, yoga was her way to relax; she wouldn’t have been able to work without it. Annie was a student of the late Martha Graham and danced for her internationally acclaimed company. 

Nathalie feels that the importance of the yoga teacher is becoming lost as yoga evolves. Annie believes that it’s difficult to have perspective on self, no matter what we are doing. We then hear about Annie’s teaching style.

Annie has been with her partner for fifteen years and talks about why she thinks her relationship has worked. She says that a big piece of it is supporting each other’s passion.
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