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#12 Energetic Growth & Spiritual Perspectives on the Solar Eclipse 08/21/17 with Noell and Nathalie

August 16, 2017

Noell and Nathalie discuss their prespectives on the upcoming Solar Eclipse of 8/21 - The New Moon in Leo. Being in betwtween two eclipses and Mercury Retrograde. They give many tips on how to navigate this time on the planet - calling it a detoxification time - evaluating challenging times and how there is growth no matter what. Nathalie gives tips on how to raise your vibration while working in a small office spaces. Making the best out of every situation. Planting seeds with new moons! Noell explains how the human body has an inate intelligence and capacity to heal thyself. The two discuss how things need to come up to heal - reminding us that after the storm there is a rainbow. 


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