March 23, 2019

Dancing With Pleasure - Chakra Two - Svadhisthana


Episode Bonus : Guided Meditation by Nathalie Croix

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Everything Is Always Changing.

Find consistency in the flow. 

Flow With Pleasure.

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Brooke Baudot is back on the show today in the second of a seven-episode series about chakras.

Today’s focus is on Svadhisthana, or in English, the Sacral chakra.

Nathalie starts by giving an overview of this chakra, including its element, purpose, issues, and location. She also reads some of the balance characteristics of this chakra and Brooke discusses why the chakras have enhanced her life.

We listen to the affirmations for the Svadhisthana chakra before Nathalie provides advice on how to utilize these in our daily lives. She encourages closing our eyes, taking a deep breath, feeling our heartbeat, and saying the affirmation out loud as a declaration to the universe.

To further help anyone suffering with issues from this chakra, Nathalie and Brooke share which foods can be eaten to improve its health.

Nathalie reads some powerful quotes on flowing with pleasure. 

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