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A Living Funeral & Why Is This Important with Emily Cross

August 11, 2019

Emily Cross hosts living funerals ceremonies.

Her music band is Cross Record. She is the owner of Steady Waves EOL and is hanging out with Nathalie in this episode. Steady Waves EOL is Emily’s end of life doula business. Her band is going on tour and Emily is taking her living funeral ceremonies with her.

Emily explains the role of a death doulas . Emily says that she provides support and advocacy for the dying and their families. It can involve creating calm space for the person and completing documents on their behalf.

Death meditations can help you feel even more alive, as both Emily and Nathalie have experienced. Emily shares an overview of what her touring meditation will look like.

Emily gives recommendations for people who are interested in this type of work and where to study.  We then learn more about Cross Record’s tour.

The Living ceremony tour may be in a city near by you this Fall 2019 - tune in to the show and find out.


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