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Transforming Obstacles With Kristin Ritter

October 29, 2019

Kristin Ritter is our guest in this episode. She is the author of Spiraling to Wellness and the Founder of Nourishing Storm Studio & Café in Pennsylvania. Kristin recently contributed to the Shanti Yoga Training School, providing a wonderful presentation.

The first topic we get into with Kristin is transforming obstacles. She is sure that everyone has an obstacle or two on their mind, but they are part of life. Fortunately, we have the ability to change them. Kristin recalls how she first got involved with yoga.

Kristin talks about some difficulties she had when opening her café and describes the moment when she realized she had to fight for it. During this process, she discovered that the details of this stressful time didn’t matter.

Nathalie says that we have to allow people to have their own soul evolution. This means there might be a point where you don’t want to be around somebody in your life that you still love. Kristin finishes with advice for those who are having trouble meditating.

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