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Joshua Stevens - Strength, Endurance & Willpower

January 28, 2020

Elite athlete Joshua Stevens is alongside Nathalie in this episode, he is a professional mountain ultra trail runner based in Colorado. He is the Badwater Cup Champion, and even completed two Badwater events within thirty days of each other. Additionally, Joshua is a retiree from the Unites States Army after undertaking many deployments.

Joshua takes us back to 1989 when he joined the army while still in high school. He says that because he had been so self-sufficient before joining, he threw everything he had into the army. Joshua then takes us through some of his challenges, including the first soldier that died under his watch and overcoming medically prescribed opioid. 

After being told he would never run again due to breaking his neck twice, Joshua was determined to heal. We hear about how he found treatments for his pain on his own and why he no longer thinks of himself as someone who suffered these injuries.

To finish off today’s discussion, Joshua informs us of his upcoming race plans and some things he is doing for the environment in Colorado. He also talks about his diet plays into his success.
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Joshua Stevens 
Professional Mountain, Ultra, Trail (MUT) runner.
Based in Estes Park, Colorado 

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