May 11, 2022

Healing with Food | Unique Hammond

Welcome to Life On Earth Podcast with Unique Hammond.
Healing with Food 
Are you ready to level up ?
In this episode we cover ...
  • the bean protocol
  • healing naturally 
  • healing the relationship with ourselves 
  • hormonal health
  • food as medicine
  • supplements 
  • testing your blood 
  • epigenetics 
  • inflammation
  • crohn's disease
  • inside tracker 
  • ancestral / genetics testing 
  • could we be over exercising ?
  • healing and resting 
  • getting the support you need
  • mindset
  • working with Unique 
  • all about beans ! And so much more!
About Unique Hammond :
She is a holistic nutritionist, integrative health coach, and author. She says beans, and a fiber-focused diet, healed her own chronic health issues and now she helps people all over the world do the same.
This episode is brought to you by Shanti Yoga Training School.
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At Life on Earth podcast we are committed to consistently  finding ways to uplevel all aspects of our lives. 
We take responsibility back over our mental, emotional, physical & spiritual health - so that we can thrive during our one and only precious Life on Earth. 
Things we mentioned on the episode -


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Check out Unique's courses at and in them you will find so many resources to support you along your journey of optimal health and wellness.

Check out Unique's book which she mentions in this episode
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