July 29, 2022

Freedom in Discipline with Alyssa Dausman

Freedom in Discipline 
Alyssa Dausman speaks about the path to freedom.
She shares about the choices she makes to maintain a healthy lifestyle and mindset.
Alyssa teaches us about commitment to yourself and how to step into "the fire" of transformation. 
She shares on how she overcomes tough moments, as she creates successful structures to navigate life. 
She talks about...
  • going through the fire of your practice, or life, to come through the other side much stronger. 
  • achieving your goals 
  • being humble in the process 
  • setting boundaries
  • setting yourself for success 
Alyssa Dausman is a 500 hour certified Yoga Teacher.

While Alyssa is a scientist as part of her "day job", she spends her free time teaching to her students at Loft Yoga in Bay St Louis,MS as well as to local active military. Sharing her desire is to bring the healing power of yoga to men and women who bravely serve this country. 

She is an inspiration to her students and her coastal beach community. 
Join us for this inspiring talk she presents for Shanti Yoga Training School.
Special thanks to our beloved students and Loft Yoga BSL, for holding space for this recording.

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Her website is loftbsl.com

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