October 22, 2019

Moving Through Stagnation ~ Tapas ~ The Fire Within

Today we invite you into our Shanti Yoga Training School, as we dive into one of the many concepts of yoga philosophy and how it affects our life. Nathalie teaches weekly zoom sessions to yoga students and teachers across the Globe, today you are our guest. Welcome to our training school. 

Tapas is a big concept in yoga. Often translated as the “fire that burns within,” the discipline of tapas is one aspect that really resonates with Nathalie. She explains how the concept of tapas has assisted her through tough times.

The fact that we are alive, have a human body, have a consciousness, and have an awareness is quite a miracle. We should never take it for granted; it should always be treated as a gift. Nathalie says that when you see life in this way, you begin to be very grateful for everything that you are.

We all know somebody, or have been that person, who is never happy. They say they want something, they get it, but it’s not good enough. Nathalie reveals what to do if you’re in this mindset, including living in the present moment. Joy is a feeling that we can only have in the now.

Today Nathalie asks, what is it that’s holding you back? It’s time to rise above and move forward through the fire of your life. Sometimes our biggest failures are out biggest teachers, so surrender to the discomfort. You will come out as a better person.

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