July 10, 2019

Near Death Experience & More with Michael Harris

In this episode, Michael Harris joins us to talk about an array of topics. Michael recently interviewed Nathalie on his own show, and because Nathalie still has a lot of questions and wanted to share his story with her community, she invited him to Life on Earth.

Michael began doing yoga in 1987 when he had a disease for which doctors were considering the amputation of both his legs. He talks about the improvements that he quickly saw from doing yoga and things he struggled with at first.

Just before starting seventh grade, Michael spent ten days in a coma. This completely changed his life, and he pursued ways to numb himself at the time. He explains that all of these health concerns manifested themselves into Michael writing his first book.

Michael has seen people reverse all kinds of diseases within a month of starting yoga. Nathalie adds in her thoughts on plant-based diets as well and the negative energy that comes with eating meat.


Nathalie’s new website: https://www.nathaliecroix.com/

Falling Up Radio: https://fallingupradio.com/

Falling Up on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FallingUPSecrets/

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