June 2, 2019

Hello Summer!! + Book

Brooke Badout is with Nathalie today to talk about their favorite things to do in the summer months.

The sun is out, and it’s a time for us to enjoy.

Summer allows us to step into this part of life that is very joyful.

Nathalie’s book, Living Life in Light, is in its final editing stage, so she reads a passage from it before getting into the summer conversation. This passage provides an introduction of the book and explains why Nathalie decided to write and share this book with the world.

Nathalie also discusses her retreat coming up in Durango, Colorado on October 2-7 which will explore the theme of creating space through awareness. We learn about the different experiences that are included and the great people you can meet.

PinPoint: www.pinpointlocal.com/covington-la-3002/ or call John Strickler at 985-273-0734

Summer Intensive Training with Nathalie July 22-28

Retreat in Durango, Colorado - October 2-7

CREATING SPACE - Cultivating Expansion And Awareness 


Shanti Yoga Training School: http://www.shantiyogatrainingschool.com/

For Friday Highlights with Nathalie click HERE ! Join Us!


If you are interested in joining Nathalie’s private coaching program, LIGHT CODE, email shantiyoganola@gmail.com for inquiries.



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