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#5 In Topanga Canyon : Nathalie and Emily Cadenhead On Nature, Animals, Childbirth and Motherhood

May 20, 2017

Manifesting friendships, animals, nature, pregnancy and natural childbirth are the themes in this episode of Life On Earth. Nathalie is joined by Emily Cadenhead. We hear how the two became friends and Emily’s experience as a clothing designer.

At the time of recording, Emily was expecting that her second child would be born very soon! She explains that, for this child, they had a birth blessing rather than a traditional baby shower. For the second time, Emily is giving birth at home. The two chat about why they prefer this method using doula and midwife rather than a hospital birth. Emily also shares some insight about why nature has associated pain with a beautiful thing like childbirth and believes the answer lies in the profound feeling she had after giving birth.

Nathalie and Emily discuss how humans and animals are sharing the Earth, and discuss how to live peacefully, even with animals that may pose a threat. Emily shares a tragic story of losing pets to coyotes and tells us about how she handled running into rattlesnakes.

To round out the show, Emily shares her favorite hiking spots, and the two discuss how much they value a peaceful morning ritual.


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