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#8 Shine Your Light Into The World In Alignment - The Bahamas ~ New Moon Episode

July 1, 2017

" I was sitting by the ocean in the Bahamas when I wrote this  blog and recorded this Podcast Episode. Channeling Higher Source, Divine Beings Of Love And Light. Surrounded by water in the Cancer moon I downloaded deep information ~ healing and soothing to our Souls. I hope you too can sit in silence while listening to episode #8. Close your eyes and just breath steadily. Finding a soft rythm, allowing whatever message that is intended and meant to be to resonate with your Soul. In Love And Light "  ~ Nathalie 


Join Nathalie from the Bahamas as we all welcome the new moon. In this new Summer Solstice cycle, we celebrate the light within. Let the new moon wash away your insecurities and bath in the light. Nathalie shares a powerful affirmation to close this episode. 

Nathalie's New Moon Summer Solstice Blog

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