April 11, 2018

#30 - Ion Alkaline Water with Gail Brown

Many of us have adjusted our diets to eat clean, healthy food, but what about the water we drink?

The human body is mainly comprised of water, so shouldn’t we be drinking the best water available?  

Gail Brown joins us today to talk all about alkaline water. She and her husband sell alkaline water and purifiers through their business, Ion Alkaline Water. They are true believers in its benefits, based on results from their own lives. Gail battled cancer twice and was told she only had a 2% chance of surviving. Her husband suffered severe gout. Both are living well now and greatly attribute this to alkaline water.

Learn about the downsides of tap and traditional bottled water, why pure alkaline water is important for humans, and other suggested benefits of alkaline water!

At the start of this episode, Nathalie shares some announcements regarding a Full Moon Ceremony, summer intensive yoga teacher training, and an upcoming retreat. See details below!


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Gail Brown article

Ion Alkaline Water website

Yoga Teacher Training

Golden Sunrise Retreat

Full Moon Ceremony April 30

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