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#13 Taking Inspired Action with Sheena Mannina & The Solar Eclipse

August 19, 2017

Sheena Mannina returns to Life On Earth for a deep, inspiring, spiritual discussion with Nathalie Croix.

The duo discuss navigating vibrations, the fourth dimension of existance, effective ways of clearing our channels and connecting to the Schumann Resonances of planet Earth. 

Sheena speaks about the power of Tuning into higher vibrations and taking inspired action. 

Accessing this new moon in Leo / Mercury Retro and the 8/21 Solar Eclipse.

Nathalie talks about clearing our channels and connecting to the Schumann Resonances

Nathalie reads from Many Moons and leads the way for Sheena to share her thoughts on what's happening in the world right now. The two also talk about the exchange and depletion of energy in life, and how even bad experiences can be empowering.

 Sheena: Raw Republic Wellness Boutique / Twitter / Raw Talk with Sheena

Nathalie: Website / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

Nathalie's Yoga Training - How To Create A Home Practice 

Mystic Mamma - Guidance From Kaypacha

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