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Every day we deal with EMF, electro magnetic fields, GMO's , toxic environments, toxic people, imbalances and negativity on many levels. 

What are you allowing in your energy field? Be responsible for your choices. Cultivate awareness for whole body healing.

In this episode I will teach you how to clear your energy field each day. I will give you many tools for you to raise your vibration and become less reactive and more aware of your choices and what you allow in your body, mind, spirit. Plus lot's of daily tools for light body maintenance.

Everything we do disconnects us from the light, or everything we do connects us to the light.

Make choices which will allow you to more often, connect to the light.

I will teach you awareness on how to differentiate these two concepts and make better choices in all aspects of your life so you can function at your highest level. Be more productive, attract the right situations and right people. 

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Love & Light To You!


This episode brings the seven-episode series about chakras to a conclusion.

Brooke Baudot returns again to provide her expertise on Sahasrara, otherwise known as the crown chakra.

Sahasrara is the lotus of one thousand petals.

We each have a lotus flower that is unique to us, and it is the essence of who we are. Nathalie says that a helpful meditation practice is to close your eyes and begin to imagine your lotus flower.

Journaling questions about your unique lotus flower:

How does it look? How does it feel? This flower is continuously evolving.

Brooke reads the balance characteristics of this chakra, and Nathalie jumps in to stress how important the ability to question is. The two then discuss why finding a connection is crucial, no matter how you refer to it.

When you tap into a frequency that is so clearly tied to the seventh chakra, you can allow other people to participate in it. If you have access to this type of frequency, it is your duty to share it with others. This is what Nathalie has devoted her life to.


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March 19, 2019

Face Your Fears

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Welcome! Today you are going to .....

Face Your Fears.

Nathalie is excited to provide some insights that she has gathered on this topic over the past few months. Before beginning, she alludes to some forthcoming episodes that she is looking forward to sharing.

We hear about Nathalie’s recent trip to Colorado and how she has learned to face her fears there.

We all have things that make us uncomfortable, and Nathalie speaks to why it’s important to conquer them. Facing your fears brings excitement into your life.

A question that’s important to ask is, “what is your life’s work?” Nathalie suggests we write a mission statement for our life.

When we conquer our fears, we create a drive in our lives.

When we have a drive we don’t, we’ll loose momentum.

Do not be captive to your fears.

Nathalie discusses different fears that people have, and from her perspective advice for overcoming them.

In this episode Nathalie gives us a challenge and talks about her new book!

Beautiful music at the end of this episode from The Piano Guys.

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