Today we have an amazing guest in Patrick Sanderson who is a filmmaker, actor, and model, who lives in Los Angeles.

Having also spent a significant amount of time living in LA, Nathalie talks about how fun it was; she and Patrick haven’t experienced the typical negativity sometimes tied to the city.

This episode explores tools for navigation changes, as well as remaining authentic throughout your journey no matter what. 

We talk about his new short film Unintentional Community, the experience of going through film school and participating in film festivals around the country and London. 

Nathalie says that despite all the changes that Patrick’s life has gone though in the past several years, he remembers who he is. Patrick talks about a humbling experience that has contributed to this positive mindset that is very inspiring. This event allowed Patrick to see clearly and reset his life.

We discuss the amazingness of road trips and how he originally drove to California from Louisiana over three days with his dog and cat. 

Patrick says it’s okay to not take ourselves too seriously all the time.

He then tells us the types of stories that he likes to write about and how his family inspires this creativity.

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James Swanwick is an Australian-American with a background in journalism, having interviewed Hollywood actors such as Brad Pitt, Jack Nicholson and Angelina Jolie and now describes himself as a “healthpreneur.”

James talks about the many health benefits of an alcohol free life.

He has started several companies around health and growth-minded activities, including the 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge.

James also shares his tips on how to create businesses which promotes freedom, so you can work from anywhere in the Globe, as James does.

In this episode we also discuss the benefits of a good night of sleep which both James and Nathalie are passionate about. 

Nathalie has had benefits from reducing her alcohol consumption just like James has.

She discusses her view that we live in a society which encourages social drinking and that this can often hold us back.

James has created a sense of community with having to utilize alcohol.

Tens of thousands of people have quit alcohol with James’ guidance through his 30-day program and his 90-day program aimed at business executives.

He shares success stories that he regularly receives through online messages.

James hosts parties that are alcohol-free, and he doesn’t even have to think about it anymore because it feels so natural.

We hear about the journal entries that James writes every morning that activates his brain for the rest of the day.

 In this episode we have a challenge for you! Can you do it? Tune in to find out more...

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David Bianchi - Hollywood actor and spoken-word poet.

He has appeared in over 90 professional and independent films.

David speaks about being a multi-faceted artist and about his soon to be released book. 

Nathalie & David met in third grade while attending Greengates School in Mexico city and later reconnected in Los Angeles, CA. 

We hear about how David was born with the genetic coding to be the artist and that knowing this allows him to excel in life; he says that people who aren’t in touch with their genetic or molecular gift often tend to coast in life. David talks about the process of discovering this gift and refining it. He also shares his tough school life, including being expelled from six high schools.


David’s book will be titled Pursue, Reach, Attain, Retain, Repeat and carries a significant message in its title to which he provides insight. The book itself is about looking at the stages of how to pursue our molecular-level gift and use it continuously. David then answers how to find out what our gift is and talks about when he realized he needed to make major changes in his life.

 David’s artistic mission is to effect people in a way that will leave them permanently changed. He wants to remind everyone that everything we need is within us. There’s nothing outside that will make us become wealthier and more spiritual people. It’s inside of us.


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Nathalie & Denise Milfort spend a beautiful L.A. evening on a rooftop bringing you inspiration and good vibrations. You’ll hear about eating clean and living healthy, including why Denise is so particular about the water she drinks. The two discuss the Law of Vibration, the importance of treating others well, and getting back from the universe what you put out. We hear about skin care, hiking, the importance of getting vitamin D the natural way, and Denise explains her admiration for beauty while discussing some of her favorite places such as Sedona, Big Sur, and Esalen.


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