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We Welcome Laura Richer and her her insightful knowledge. 

She is a certified hypnotherapist and regression therapist who does women’s retreats, workshops, and life coaching. She practices in Seattle as well as online.

Laura says that people often have a misconception about what hypnosis is and how it is used in therapy. She explains that hypnosis can also be referred to as the state of being in a trance and talks about how we actually go in and out of trances on our own all the time.

Similar to yoga, there are many different types of hypnotherapy. Laura points out the differences between the two main types: suggestion and client-centered. Because Laura chooses to only practice client-centered hypnotherapy, she discusses its advantages.

Laura has an amazing online program that teaches women of all ages to navigate the challenges of modern dating.

We talk about online dating, creating healthy boundaries, true love, self love and much more.

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