#28 Brock Pierce From A World Of Me To A World Of We & Bitcoin

March 16, 2018

Brock Pierce is a visionary, a magician, an alchemist, and the chairman of The Bitcoin Foundation among many other things - including a lover life, our beloved Planet and Burning Man.

Brock is know for his work in the cryptocurrency industry and a former Hollywood child actor with apperances in movies such as The Mighty Ducks, First Kid and Little Big League.

He is also know for his extensive work in Bitcoins and other digital currencies as an advisor, founder, and investor. Having invested in over thirty companies in the blockchain ecosystem - helped raised over two hundred million dollars for companies he's been involved with. 

Some on my favorite quotes from Brock are :

" A billionaire to me is not someonewho has a billion dollars, but someone who has positively impacted the lives of a billion people. A trillionaire to me is someone who is positively impacting lives of a trillion things." 

" If anyone is successful in changing the world and making it a better place, we all win. That's why I help everyone." 

" We need to go from building a world of me, to a world of we" 

" Life is about giving and sharing" 





Here is a talk Brock gave not long ago, check it out 


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love & light 



#27 - Power Walking with Avery Werther

February 27, 2018

Walking is so simple that we can easily forget just how beneficial it is! Avery Werther joins us today to remind you of the amazing benefits that walking provides and give some tips on how to walk for maximum benefit.

Walking can improve mood, reduce health risks, boost memory, and much more! With our busy lives, it may seem that we simply don’t have the time to walk, but it doesn’t take long. Also, the benefits of walking include being more productive, so you may actually end up with more time because you set aside 30 minutes to walk!

To get the most out of walking, Avery recommends power walking. She’ll explain what power walking is, how to do it, how fast you should power walk, the calories you can walk, and more.

What are you waiting for? Podcasts make great company for walking! Download this episode, get outdoors, and let’s get walking!





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#26 - Meditation Studio - Patricia Karpas

February 17, 2018

Joining Nathalie today is Patricia Karpas from Meditation Studio.

Meditation Studio is an award-winning app that makes meditation simple.

Patricia is also the host of the Podcast Untangle.

In this episode, we hear all about mediation, and the reasons to make time for meditation. Many of us may think we’re too busy for meditation, but often this means that we end up going through life anxious, or with some other unwanted effect. If we just took the time to meditate, we’d feel much better!

Whether it’s dealing with everyday stresses, anxiety, relationships, performance, sleep, or something else, there are many benefits to meditation, and Meditation Studio offers meditations for them all.

You’ll also learn about the importance of treating ourselves as good as we treat our friends and tips for everyday life, bringing yoga and meditation outside into your everyday interactions.



@meditationstudioapp on Instagram

Meditation Studio on Facebook


Untangle Podcast on iTunes

Untangle Waylon Lewis Episode

I Host a Podcast About Meditation and I’m STILL a Mess (Sometimes…)


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#25 - Keep The Fire Burning with Angela Kukhahn

February 6, 2018

Angela Kukhahn joins Nathalie for a discussion all about yoga! Yoga lovers, especially teachers, will not want to miss this one. Nathalie and Angela talk about being a yoga teacher, tools and techniques developed along the way, and more.

As yogis and yoga teachers, we’re always growing and evolving. Our views on what was right at one point in time can easily change, and often do, over the years.

Angela shares what inspires her to inspire others while teaching and how to address the individual in a group setting.

We hear about the use of props like blocks, belts, and blankets. Props bring many benefits, although some people have concerns about their use. Is it right to want to stick with some yoga traditions from the past, or is it okay to evolve and accept the use of props?

Social media provides great opportunities to connect and share information. Angela tells us about the growth of her Instagram account to over 80,000 followers, the dedication involved with running such an account, and even how to deal with periodic negative comments.

Everybody is on their own spiritual journey, as yoga teachers, we can only share our own experiences and aim to create the best scenario possible for students to experience their own journey.



Angela's Instagram: @angelakukhahnyoga

Angela's classes on Yogis Anonymous

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#24 - AWAKENING with Preston Smiles

January 21, 2018

For most of our lives, we’re taught that we need something outside of ourselves in order to feel whole and complete. But, the thing is, in this moment, all of our needs are met.

Preston Smiles joins Nathalie to talk about this, and more advice for living happily. Learn how to break down the walls to being yourself. Nobody should be holding you back. Discover the truth of your being.

Preston also challenges the idea that we all have to find just one “thing” to do for our entire lives, discusses the reasons why he thinks men should show emotion rather than repressing, and we learn about the primal benefits of doing activities like dancing, yoga, or even just screaming. They all help to dissipate negative energy, something that many of us don’t even realize needs to be done!

In a culture where we are taught and many times programed that men don't cry or are allowed to express deep feelings and emotions - Preston challenges us to a new belief system and new paradimes - not from a place of him telling us who or what to be, but from encouraging us to be exactly who we are today. 

How do we do that? Tune in to this episode for many inspirational tools and live your most authentic life.



Preston Smiles Instagram: @prestonsmiles

Preston Smiles Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PrestonSmilesSpeaks/

Training: http://prestonsmiles.com/mancave

Big Boys Don't Cry video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQ_Ic-WBacg

How to handle change:


Learn To Be A Master Of Change:


Book suggestion: Ask and It Is Given https://www.amazon.com/Ask-Given-Learning-Manifest-Desires/dp/1401904599

Book suggestion: Waking The Tiger https://www.amazon.com/Waking-Tiger-Healing-Peter-Levine/dp/1515960943

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#23 -Zen Tea Master WuDe : The Simple Things In Life, Meditation & Nature

January 11, 2018

“Nature is always speaking to us and tea helps us understand what she’s saying”

Get enlightened by this thoughtful conversation between Nathalie and WudDe Tea Master from Global Tea Hut.

Along with an in-depth discussion about tea's effects, brewing methods, and advice for beginners getting into tea, we hear a deep conversation about nature.

Are we losing our ability to communicate non-verbally in the present day?

Can tea help us change that and learn from the world around us? 

WuDe also shares information about courses taking place at Tea Sage Hut in Taiwan, what it's like being a part of Global Tea Hut, and how you can get involved.






Books :

The Way Of The Tea https://www.amazon.com/Way-Tea-Reflections-Life/dp/0804840326/ 

Tea Medicine https://www.amazon.com/Tea-Medicine-Aaron-Fisher/dp/1501039776/ 

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#22 - Life and Death. Energy and Peace. Letting Go Of Someone You Love with Brooke Baudot

December 24, 2017

While Christmas is a joyous time for many, it can also be a sad time, particularly for those who have experienced loss. We’ve all experienced loss, some more recently than others, and Christmas can bring on memories and feelings of sadness.

This episode, Nathalie speaks with Brooke Baudot about life and death, advice for grieving, and dealing with loss. In the western world, we seem to have a much harder time dealing with the transition than in other cultures. We never know how much time we have left ourselves, or how much time we have with others. Although it may be difficult to understand why bad things happen, we all have a purpose on this planet, and you may understand one day.

Also in this show, you’ll hear a bit about Brooke’s journey opening her own yoga studio and air plant business, near-death experiences, dreams, and a question about animals being drawn to meditation.



Global Tea Hut

@BrookeBaudot Instagram

@just_grow_with_it Instagram

@soulfullyoga / www.soulfullyoganola.com

Aghora Crystals

Shanti Yoga Shala

The Way of Tea: Reflections On A Life with Tea by Aaron Fisher

7 Lessons from Heaven by Mary Neal

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#21 - How To Remain Grounded During The Holidays

December 9, 2017

Nathalie wishes you a happy holiday season from New Orleans! This time of year means different things to different people. The holidays can be happy, sad, stressful, among many other things. In this episode, Nathalie will share some methods for staying grounded during the holidays and tending to your inner fire. Whether it’s walking meditation, bathing rituals, tea ceremonies, or listening to music, there are many things you can do for yourself.

With the winter solstice and new years approaching, we reflect on the past year and prepare to transition to the new year!



Winter Solstice Clearing Ritual: Let Go & Release at Shanti Yoga Shala http://bit.ly/2kEc7H2




#20 Yoga & Life Tips For You ! Q & A

November 28, 2017

Join us for a Q & A with our teacher training group and gain tips for yoga and for life!

Yoga teacher training is a life-changing experience.

Shanti Yoga Shala Teacher Training School in New Orleans has shared the love of yoga with many students. Today, Nathalie brings you to a Q&A session with students of the teacher training, answering questions from each student. Topics include Yoga Nidra, assistance with poses, class sequences and poses, meditation, and more!

Interested in yoga teacher training?

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#19 - Energy Healing - My Own Experience

November 12, 2017

My experience with energy healing has been transformational in my practice, teachings and life. 

I first began realizing the power of energy healing through my yoga classes and later on by discovering reiki. 

I hope you enjoy this episode where I give you a glimpse of a magical world! 

- Nathalie Croix

Show Notes :

Have you ever wondered what happens at a guided energy healing session? On this episode, Nathalie talks about her journey to becoming an energy healer, the technique she developed, and explains how energy healing sessions work. If you can’t attend a session with Nathalie, a distant healing session may also be an option!

To learn more or find out about booking a session with Nathalie:

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