#14 Co-Creation in Nature with Vanessa De Rover

September 10, 2017

How to ask for what you want, in the light of manifestation, grace and love ?

Shamanic circles, Astral Travel, Dreams, Spirit Animals, Creating + Co-Creating Your Best Life and Spirit Counseling with Vanessa De Rover. 

Vanessa, leads Shamanic circles, reiki healing sessions and is forefront on pychic work in the mysterious, historic city of New Orleans.

On this special day we sit with her and dive into many of her healing modalities and access the unnown - learning tools for creating and co-creating your most auhtentic Self. 

Nathalie and Vanessa discuss our experiences on Earth and beyond.

The two explore the Divine Male, finding the answers within us, ascension, energy healing, and much more.

To conclude, join Nathalie & Vanessa for a mantra and bonus meditation.

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#13 Taking Inspired Action with Sheena Mannina & The Solar Eclipse

August 19, 2017

Sheena Mannina returns to Life On Earth for a deep, inspiring, spiritual discussion with Nathalie Croix.

The duo discuss navigating vibrations, the fourth dimension of existance, effective ways of clearing our channels and connecting to the Schumann Resonances of planet Earth. 

Sheena speaks about the power of Tuning into higher vibrations and taking inspired action. 

Accessing this new moon in Leo / Mercury Retro and the 8/21 Solar Eclipse.

Nathalie talks about clearing our channels and connecting to the Schumann Resonances

Nathalie reads from Many Moons and leads the way for Sheena to share her thoughts on what's happening in the world right now. The two also talk about the exchange and depletion of energy in life, and how even bad experiences can be empowering.

 Sheena: Raw Republic Wellness Boutique / Twitter / Raw Talk with Sheena

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#12 Energetic Growth & Spiritual Perspectives on the Solar Eclipse 08/21/17 with Noell and Nathalie

August 16, 2017

Noell and Nathalie discuss their prespectives on the upcoming Solar Eclipse of 8/21 - The New Moon in Leo. Being in betwtween two eclipses and Mercury Retrograde. They give many tips on how to navigate this time on the planet - calling it a detoxification time - evaluating challenging times and how there is growth no matter what. Nathalie gives tips on how to raise your vibration while working in a small office spaces. Making the best out of every situation. Planting seeds with new moons! Noell explains how the human body has an inate intelligence and capacity to heal thyself. The two discuss how things need to come up to heal - reminding us that after the storm there is a rainbow. 


Check out Kaypacha and watch the video :





#11 House On Fire * Light After Dark With Chris Galliano

July 29, 2017

The house burned down. Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? Even bad situations, although difficult to understand, can happen for the greater good. Nathalie’s guest Chris Galliano understands this well, after losing his home and belongings in a fire. He tells the story of picking up the pieces afterward, and how the experience has made him a stronger person.

Also this episode, Nathalie & Chris marvel at nature, discuss division caused by politics and why the two-party system may no longer be ideal, and Chris shares some thoughts on his recent travel experiences, including praise for Canada and Canadians!



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#10 Yin / Yang - Finding Balance with Noell Eanes - Eastern Medicine Practitioner

July 9, 2017

Healer, wellness consultant, licensed acupuncturist, and eastern medicine woman are just some of the many titles taken by Noell Eanes.

Nathalie and Noell begin by discussing how it’s more common these days to have a wide skillset, rather than a single job title. Noell is great proof of that, and she tells us about her background which entails Shakuju Therapy, acupuncture, meditation, and much more.

From this episode, you’ll discover the importance of finding balance and being present in life. We’re all the same, no matter how much money we have. Balance and being grounded is key, and we should all be able to achieve it. Noell explains this using yin and yang from Chinese philosophy. Learn to let go of what isn’t important and enjoy the moment. Balance also applies to relationships in terms of masculine and feminine energy.

Noell tells us about forest bathing, a practice in Japan that promotes health benefits from taking a walk in the woods, and then we round out this episode by tuning into the energies of the full moon.


Full Moon Acupuncture + Yoga: July 12th, 2017 @ 6:15pm. RSVP info@rawrepublicjuice.com 


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Book - The Giving Tree

Radiolab - From Free To Shining Tree Podcast Episode

Forest Bathing Health Benefits

Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing)

Marianne Williamson

Dr. Pat Allen     


#9 Celebrity Psychic Laura Powers : On The After Life, Ghosts, Angels, Fairies and More!

July 4, 2017

Celebrity Psychic, Host, Model, Actress, Singer, and Adventurer Laura Powers spend a special  hour with us for this Life On Earth Episode. Join us, as Laura shares her positive energy and tells the story of how she came to be a psychic.

Nathalie and Laura cover a variety of topics such as psychic attacks, having energy boundaries, the power of prayer, spirits, ghost-whispering, angels, fairies, genies, and more.

We learn why some places, such as New Orleans, have more supernatural activity than others, and you’ll get some advice for clearing such unwanted beings.

Sometimes in life, we deal with seemingly negative or terrible experiences, but these can actually create space for more positive things to manifest. Nathalie and Laura discuss how to deal with these situations, and Laura shares her thoughts on understanding the passing of loved ones and reincarnation.

Laura tells us about her books, including a new one about publishing works of your own. Before wrapping up, we talk about the love of animals and Laura shares some important, inspiring messages from the other side.


Laura: www.laurapowers.net / www.healingpowers.net / Instagram / Healing Powers Podcast / The Jet Set Episode featuring Laura

Nathalie: www.shantiyogatrainingschool.com / www.nathaliecroix.com / Instagram


#8 Shine Your Light Into The World In Alignment - The Bahamas ~ New Moon Episode

July 1, 2017

" I was sitting by the ocean in the Bahamas when I wrote this  blog and recorded this Podcast Episode. Channeling Higher Source, Divine Beings Of Love And Light. Surrounded by water in the Cancer moon I downloaded deep information ~ healing and soothing to our Souls. I hope you too can sit in silence while listening to episode #8. Close your eyes and just breath steadily. Finding a soft rythm, allowing whatever message that is intended and meant to be to resonate with your Soul. In Love And Light "  ~ Nathalie 


Join Nathalie from the Bahamas as we all welcome the new moon. In this new Summer Solstice cycle, we celebrate the light within. Let the new moon wash away your insecurities and bath in the light. Nathalie shares a powerful affirmation to close this episode. 

Nathalie's New Moon Summer Solstice Blog

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#7 Live Be Yoga (Yoga Journal) Tour with Rosie Acosta & Brant Williams

June 23, 2017

Brant Williams & Rosie Acosta, Ambassadors for Live Be Yoga, join Nathalie for an episode all about yoga! The duo visited Nathalie's Summer Solstice Celebration yoga class at her studio Shanti Yoga Shala. After class they sit together at Raw Republic for an inspiring  conversation. 

The YogaJournal.com Live Be Yoga Tour has Brant & Rosie on a journey to experience yoga in 22 cities across the U.S., and explore how yoga differs from place to place.

You’ll hear about their adventures on the road, what they’ve discovered so far, and how they made it through the application process to land such an amazing job.

In addition to lots of yoga talk, we’re reminded of how important meditation can be as well!

The three discuss New Orleans’ haunted history, how Nathalie communicated with a spirit living in her home, and Rosie shares a story about her stay at a haunted hotel in the French Quarter that had to be cut short.

The conversation turns to the importance of positive energy and vibes, which can be affected by things such as flowers.

Be sure to find Rosie, Brant, and Live Be Yoga Tour links below so you can follow along and find out if they’re making a stop near you.


Interested in yoga teacher training? Contact Nathalie at www.shantiyogatrainingschool.com or shantiyoganola@gmail.com. 



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Chill Chicago


#6 Aliens, Life, Wellness & Spirituality with Sheena Mannina

May 27, 2017

Get ready for an inspiring conversation between Nathalie and this week’s guest, Sheena Mannina. This episode comes to you from The Space, upstairs of Raw Republic, Sheena’s wellness boutique in New Orleans. Sheena tells us what inspired her to open Raw Republic, and how the journey taught her the importance of having struggles in life. We also hear what Sheena does that has led her to more success and happiness in life.

You’ll also hear about the importance of being in tune with your vibrations and taking a step back to assess your life, giving the universe the opportunity to provide what you need.

The two chat about religion, praying, spirituality, and vibrations, which leads to some discussion about aliens and messages that are not from this planet.

Wrapping up, we hear about channelers, traveling, amazing food, plus Sheena shares a delicious smoothie recipe and gives you the opportunity to win a treat!


Sheena: Raw Republic Wellness Boutique / Twitter / Raw Talk with Sheena episode featuring Nathalie

Nathalie: Website / Twitter / Facebook / Instagram



Del Porto Ristorante

The Transfiguration of Our World by Gordon Asher Davidson

Forbidden Knowledge: Revelations of a multi-dimensional time traveler by Bob Mitchell & Jason Quitt

Living Libations

Tuning In Documentary



Sara Landon

Wendy Kennedy

Esther Hicks


#5 In Topanga Canyon : Nathalie and Emily Cadenhead On Nature, Animals, Childbirth and Motherhood

May 20, 2017

Manifesting friendships, animals, nature, pregnancy and natural childbirth are the themes in this episode of Life On Earth. Nathalie is joined by Emily Cadenhead. We hear how the two became friends and Emily’s experience as a clothing designer.

At the time of recording, Emily was expecting that her second child would be born very soon! She explains that, for this child, they had a birth blessing rather than a traditional baby shower. For the second time, Emily is giving birth at home. The two chat about why they prefer this method using doula and midwife rather than a hospital birth. Emily also shares some insight about why nature has associated pain with a beautiful thing like childbirth and believes the answer lies in the profound feeling she had after giving birth.

Nathalie and Emily discuss how humans and animals are sharing the Earth, and discuss how to live peacefully, even with animals that may pose a threat. Emily shares a tragic story of losing pets to coyotes and tells us about how she handled running into rattlesnakes.

To round out the show, Emily shares her favorite hiking spots, and the two discuss how much they value a peaceful morning ritual.


Emily Cadenhead Instagram / Teeki Instagram

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Palm Springs

Inn of the Seventh Ray